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Gold Time (your success is our success) Import Services Solar energy and electricity.
- Oils and its apendixes
And More
Gold Time (your success is our success)
We have a team at the highest level of experience Agencies Services Projects and tenders.
- Procurement and catering services
And More
We have a team at the highest level of experience
We are competitive and have more to offer at your service Contracting Services General Contracting
Prefab houses
And More
We are competitive and have more to offer at your service



About Company

Gold Time Company is one of the newly emerging companies in the field of business and was founded by experts in several fields and they have sufficient experience, as the company has been keen since its inception to include distinguished cadres as our standard of excellence is experience and honesty. We work in three main areas, which are import, agencies and contracting, and we seek to expand the scope of our activity to many different areas, and provide more distinguished services to our valued customers, Gold Time is your ship for success in the business world.M

The Message

Enabling our customers to complete their work through one integrated roof, without the need to search for other parties to complete the work, which means ensuring harmony, accuracy and know-how in accomplishment while adhering to deadlines and providing services that shorten the time


We aspire to be one of the leading and distinguished companies at the local level in the field of import, agencies and contracting by fully meeting the needs of customers with the best quality and reasonable prices.

We aspire to be a pillar of the success of the institutions we work with and to provide comprehensive, integrated and effective solutions to contribute to that success.

Why Gold Time:

Because it is a company that considers all its clients partners in success as we care to achieve their goals, develop their levels and increase their market shares.


The company provides many services for solar energy systems, including:

– Solar water pumps.

– Solar energy systems for small and large establishments.

– Solar energy systems for the telecom sector.

– Solar energy systems for the private sector, factories and production lines.

– Solar energy systems for factories and mega projects .

– Street lighting and private and public facilities In the field of electricity, we supply everything related to this field upon request, such as generators of all sizes, transformers and cables.


We fulfill direct purchase requests from organizations, companies and institutions, whether local or foreign. We have a team specialized in external correspondence, searching for customer requests and providing them with the best quality and the lowest prices
Contracting activity in the Republic of Yemen is a vital activity and in a great development, and the company’s activities do not depend on contracting work from construction work only, but extends to specialized and complementary activities to the contracting activity, and efforts are unified within the Gold Time family between management and all workers who are efficient and serious in order to reach the highest degrees of achievement and creativity for high performance.