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medical practice accounting

Over the last 10 years some doctors pay has dropped 30% in real terms, according to the BMA. If, like me you live in an area with a high cost of living, like London or the southeast, it’s likely the problem is even worse. Add in the rising cost of medical school and the increasing pension contributions with punitive taxation it’s clear that now, more than ever, doctors of all ages need to be financially astute. These include bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll or pensions – all available for low monthly fees.

It is important to ensure that you have the correct business model for your new business venture and the model you will chose will be the one that suits your needs best. The first £2,000 of dividends received by an individual each tax year are free of tax . If you are a basic rate tax payer, then you will pay 7.5% up to the point it takes you into higher rates, when it goes up to 32.5% and there is also an additional rate of 38.1% for those earning over £150,000. However there are reasons for choosing this structure if you have already established the partnership, or there is property that is within the partnership. There is little to change and transferring land and buildings from a partnership into an LLP does not attract Stamp Duty Land Tax.

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This basic idea is at the heart of everything we do for our medical professional clients from locums and consultants to GPs and GP practices to Federations and Primary Care Networks. Specialist medical accountants for GP’s and medical practices in Cheshire and North Wales. We offer a partnership level service with fees covering preparation of end-of-year accounts, detailed analysis of your practice’s financial performance and as much ad hoc advice as you need throughout the year. When you are not worrying about preparing tax returns, payroll, expenses, financial accounts and other accounting issues, you have more time to spend doing what you do best – helping people.

You can read reviews from other GMC registered doctors and compare prices. BW Medical Accountants is one of the largest independent specialist medical accountancy firms in England. BWM exclusively acts for healthcare professionals and specialises in providing accountancy, tax and NHS pension management services to GP Practices and Practice Managers across England. None construction bookkeeping of us want to have any problems with HM Customs & Excise and all will want to pay the correct taxes at the correct time. We all want to sleep in our beds knowing that our obligations as business owners have been met. However most people don’t have the skills to understand all of the legislation that is applicable and equally I don’t have the skills that you have.

We charge a monthly fee based on your business type

As part of our accounting service, we will complete your annual accounts and submit any necessary tax returns to ensure your business always stays compliant with HMRC. Network of firms of UK accountants specialising in working for doctors. The site includes regional statistics for medical practices, a search tool for locating AISMA members, information about the organisation and a news feed. This book is to provide GPs with a straightforward and clear explanation of what makes up their practice accounts and what they should expect to see.

  • Professional dues – subscription fees to medical associations or societies that provide representation to medical professionals and help to protect their patient’s interests.
  • Mazars can provide support in a wide range of sectors and industries, with particularly strong experience in insurance, banking, public services, retail, energy and utilities.
  • Let us match your requirements to an independent specialist medical accountant – handpicked and verified by us and reviewed by doctors like you.
  • Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews to make sure your business is operating in the most tax efficient way, claiming for every possible expense.
  • Mazars specialise in audit, tax and advisory services across a range of markets and sectors.

This is where a company will engage with the service provider’s company as a sub-contractor, but in every other respect the service provider acts as an employee. The service provider has regular hours, a clearly defined work area, is guaranteed payment and I have even heard of a situation where they were included on the annual holiday chart. From a personal point of view if you have the limited company as your sole source of income then you may well need to consider providing https://www.icsid.org/business/managing-cash-flow-in-construction-tips-from-accounting-professionals/ for life cover for yourself, or more importantly critical illness cover. And cross-shareholder insurance if your co-shareholder is not a spouse so that you can pay out the value of their shares to their estate should they die. Forming a limited company is relatively easy with ready made companies available to be bought quite cheaply over the internet. There are specialist company formation agents and also solicitors and accountants that are quite capable of forming them too.

VAT Returns

By helping your medical practice to identify inefficiencies we can offer improved cash generation, reduced tax burdens and advice on profit extraction. Through accurate forecasting, tax payments and estimates of superannuation we can help you avoid falling or fluctuating profits, unexpected tax bills, and shortfalls while waiting on tax relief. Let us match your requirements to an independent specialist medical accountant – handpicked and verified by us and reviewed by doctors like you. Let us match your requirements to an independent specialist medical accountant – handpicked and verified by us and reviewed by doctors like you.

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