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White Label Marketing Tools & Dashboards for Agencies Zoho Analytics

Its white label features are in the Enterprise plan with custom pricing. WordStream by LocaliQ is your go-to source for data and insights in the world of digital marketing. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy.

white label marketing tools

Here, you can add the client’s email to whom you want to send the reports. And then use your own custom logo for both the PDF reports and email summaries. It has specific features to help white label email marketers track the performance of their lead generation and subscription forms. This allows you to reach more of your sales/marketing goals, like having people give their email addresses, go to webinar landing pages, see popular products for direct sales, and much more. Additionally, you can transform the OptinMonster dashboard and add your custom branding.

Social Shopping on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in 2023

Manage over 50 social media profiles and start posting from all of them from one unified social media scheduling tool. They offer a single dashboard that allows businesses to measure and monitor the data from a single place. Leverage Ecwid’s drag and drop design, pre-built design themes, custom CSS to customize the look and feel of the online store. SEO has become non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes, but it can be a very technical and time-consuming task.

white label marketing tools

And if you’re a pro at a particular service, provide the service to the fullest to your clients. That shouldn’t let you restrict yourself in not-providing other services. You can improve your offerings and scale your revenue by utilizing these tools. Here’s a list of 16 white-label marketing software that marketing agencies recommend most, including marketing affiliate marketing analysis automation, reporting, and more. The increased popularity of social media has made online social media marketing a necessity for companies and brands looking to build brand awareness. Digital marketing agencies can plug Postalytics into the CRM and Marketing automation tools most organizations use to drive their direct mail and email channels.

HubSpot: Marketing automation

If you refer or resell HubSpot as a solutions provider, you receive a commission of 20% across all product types and addons for the first 12 months the customer is on HubSpot. These tools are all aimed at analyzing and identifying opportunities within the prospects paid advertising accounts. The process of drafting and editing proposals is another task that leave you wanting to your hair out. Many agencies even have someone on staff whose sole job is to work with a legal team to draft and review proposals before sending them out to prospects.

white label marketing tools

Moreover, Sendinblue’s is highly customizable, so agencies can tailor it to match their specific business needs. This makes it easy to scale up or down as needed, without incurring any unnecessary costs. As their name suggests, Mention enables agencies to monitor the web for mentions of their client’s brand. Create Boolean-powered alerts to cut through the noise and deliver only important brand mentions. Extra White Label marketing features are available on the Scale plan at $1150/mo.

Social Commerce Examples to Increase More Sales

Find Instagram businesses that complement your brand and work with them for collaborations. This way, you can reach more quickly and easily and show your products to more users. Meanwhile, Vocal Video is our top pick for creating interview-based videos. Need promotional videos of your services from trusted clients and influencers?

  • These tools can include a variety of different types of software, such as analytics tools, email marketing platforms, social media management tools, client management platforms, and more.
  • By offering unique and innovative solutions, agencies can show that they are leaders in their field and are always looking for new ways to innovate.
  • Their SEO solutions help agencies like yours achieve more growth for their clients in organic search .
  • On the Pro version, clients can even create shoppable galleries from their Instagram posts, helping them convert online fans into paying customers.
  • You can offer real-time insight into your end user’s processes to help them make the right decisions.
  • You can create a Facebook Catalog using Facebook Business Manager or an e-commerce platform supporting Facebook integration.

It captured the audience’s interest, providing a memorable experience that resonated with them. Instagram Shopping is a great way to increase sales and establish your brand. While it may seem difficult at first, know that this is an excellent platform. This way, you’ll know which strategies you should keep and improve and which ones you should ditch. With their innovative features, you won’t have to go through a high learning curve to create high-quality videos.

Automotive Social Media Content Ideas

With access to expert SEO skills and tools from your white-label provider, you can be confident that you are not over-promising to your clients. Not only can you be certain that you’ll fulfill demands, but you can also offer services to a higher volume of clients without worrying about not coping. Reviewshake lets you automate the review generation process by sending out automated review invitations https://xcritical.com/ to customers after a purchase or service has been completed. You can respond to reviews and track the performance of your client’s customer reviews over time. Speaking of reputation management, online customer reviews can make or break your client’s business. Subscription revenue for your agency and better serve your clients by providing them with the tools to efficiently manage leads and customers.

white label marketing tools

Managing multiple clients and their ad accounts can create a mess if not managed well under a single platform or an organized manner. Using PPC & Ad Management software lets you run campaigns for different clients efficiently. Mention is one of the most popular white-labeled software for marketing agencies for tracking social media to acquiring new clients too.

Your Go-To SEO Checklist for eCommerce Websites

And among all these, white labeling is one of the most sought-after features of the software, especially to marketing agencies. Running an agency is no cakewalk without the support of tools to empower you with additional technological skills. These could help you either in proposal creation, SEO, analytics, design, ad management, and client reporting.

Google Ads Robot

You can start with white-label reports today and sign up for your free trial of Whatagraph! Give your marketing services a fresh lick of paint and impress your clients with beautiful, automated marketing reports. Sometimes clients prefer to receive their marketing reports by email to suit their busy schedules.