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Pair Programming Agile Dictionary

The Driver’s responsibility is to focus on the mechanics of operating the computer and entering code. The Navigator’s responsibility is to think about what needs to be done and where we are going. The two will communicate continually and shift roles frequently, probably every few minutes.

  • Lack of focus, not switching roles, not having an agenda and just being rude with your partner are some of the problems you could face on a pair programming session.
  • To me pair programming is very fundamental to Agile and one of the most required tool for building a truly cross functional team.
  • Pair programming can ensure that one or two people aren’t holding all the knowledge critical to a project.
  • The two will communicate continually and shift roles frequently, probably every few minutes.
  • He is a trained medical doctor and worked for Bain & Company as a consultant and as a CIO at SE-Consulting, among others, before founding the Scrum Academy.
  • What it comes down to is creating a structure that works for you and using effective tools to help you hold seamless sessions.

Like a database developer and a middle tier developer working together can improve the delivery of code. I came across pair programming as a term way back in 2002 or 2003 when I had attended a BDotNet user group meeting. But it was not until late 2007 and early 2008 that I actually experienced it personally.

Pairing variations

The developer will work through the problem as they would normally; by looking at source code, looking up documentation, and googling. The difference is that they talk about the steps they take with you. In fact, candidates might not even have knowledge of a problem and need to ask you questions, which is a great opportunity to see how they learn. Once you’ve identified some promising candidates and completed the pair programming round, move on to a few more interviews.

pair programming definition

This means giving developers tools and resources that help them better collaborate with other developers. Having a real-time check on their work by another programmer can help coders identify bugs, typos, and other mistakes that they might have missed if they were working alone. In my previous project one of my colleague had suggested that any live issues or production bugs needs to be worked by a pair. Forming the best approach to a problem adds an extra layer of complexity and requires an extensive amount of time and thought.

What Is Pair Programming?

That said, it’s completely fine if you or the candidate needs some time to think. You don’t need to be talking ALL the time (and you wouldn’t in a real pair programming session); give them the space they need, but keep the conversation http://vglub.ru/pages_klarkcosodiseya_188.html open and relaxed. This guide shows you how to conduct pair programming interview sessions step-by-step. That said, your candidate experience depends on how well you execute your pair programming interview tests.

pair programming definition

While everyone on a project strives to be knowledgeable, there may be one or two programmers who hold the most knowledge of a project’s codebase. These people are sometimes called “towers of knowledge,” and teams may rely on them heavily. This becomes an issue if progress comes to a halt when those people are unable to work due to sickness or other causes. The relative weight of these factors can vary by project and task.


One reason is that Programmer 1 must persuade Programmer 2 to try an innovative idea. They will spend time trading places as the driver, which means both programmers will have to understand the plan and believe it can work. Shy people, introverts, and coders who prefer to work quietly might all find pair programming slows them down or undermines their work quality. Putting two programmers on every coding task will increase the overall costs of that development work. According to research cited in another academic paper, Strengthening the Case for Pair Programming, —96% of pair programmers enjoy their job more than when they code by themselves.

pair programming definition

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