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Visual appearance was principal within this this new notion of womanliness, together with physical attractiveness (67%) and you can sexuality (40%)

Visual appearance was principal within this this new notion of womanliness, together with physical attractiveness (67%) and you can sexuality (40%)

The ideal Guy: Wise and Alluring

An appropriate people, considering Russians, must be privately solid and you can healthy (59% from respondents), clear of bad patterns (38%) Japansk kvinder i os, able to make an excellent traditions (33%), and you will practical (33%). Other functions believed extremely important is a stylish physical appearance, a sense of humour, and being handy around the home.

Notably, various other public groups enjoys different categories of concerns. For this reason, citizens from larger places value good looks (24% for the big urban centers versus. 14-15% elsewhere) plus don’t head crappy habits such (30% vs. 34-43%, respectively).

Compared to which ‘glamorous’ picture common during the huge towns and cities, brand new countryside certainly favours the standard image of guy because head of one’s domestic, partner, and you will dad. Rural residents value a guy that is solid and you will fit, free from bad patterns, providing towards loved ones, a devoted partner, an enjoying father, and you will a sort individual.

The ideal Woman: Pleasant and you will Dedicated

“Ladies features generally acknowledged inside the Russian community, such are faithful, loving pupils, are a homemaker, and having a type cardiovascular system, are believed almost irrelevant today for the right woman,” centered on Lezhnina. “Two-thirds away from respondents – as much as 71% during the huge metropolises – don’t mention these properties into the outlining their tip of the finest woman.”

The next primary top quality for the ideal lady relies on the new respondent’s gender; women participants well worth their fascination with pupils (27%), while men respondents like their own as dedicated (31%).

Again, the latest ideals are very common into the larger metropolises and more youthful age groups; elizabeth.g. sexuality is generally liked by residents out-of larger urban centers (48%), unmarried anybody (45%), and younger respondents (46%), predicated on Lezhnina.

It’s diagnostic that traditionally valued women services associated with family and also the jobs out-of partner and mom are not so essential big city dwellers, which scarcely speak about commitment (18%), love for students (17%), independence regarding bad models (13%), being good homemaker (12%) once the characteristics of the ideal woman, focusing as an alternative with the features which make getting together simple and comfortable, including a sound judgment away from humour (20%) and you can an enthusiastic accommodating characteristics (39%).

Therefore, Lezhnina closes, the ideal lady therefore the best partner are two various other axioms during the Russia, as opposed to earlier suggestions out of feminine gender jobs.

Family vs. Gender Relationships

Lezhnina are believing that Russian society today retains a couple more ideals for every single gender, plus for each and every instance, one of such beliefs is applicable in order to family unit members lifetime.

Whenever viewed exterior a household perspective, an appropriate guy have to be solid and you can suit (69%), practical (37%), and you can without bad activities (33%), as better woman’s main attributes are good appears (87%) and you will sexuality (65%). However, whenever viewed regarding a household position, the ideal people, besides are compliment (47%) and free from crappy designs (44%), need to make a good way of life (46%), getting useful around the home (21%), and remain faithful to help you their partner (21%), just like the very important attributes for the right lady are the ones and therefore help their role while the partner and you can mommy, including her fascination with college students (47%), are a homemaker, (40%), and commitment (34%).

Dining table step one: Services of one’s ideal guy and the top woman in 2 other buildings (% ranked by popular characteristics out of good ‘not-family-focused’ man)*

*This type of patterns were delivered having fun with a two-action people study means of categorising comparable things according to the same people. The number of clusters is set during the processes.Source: Lezhnina’s paper

Lezhnina highlights the point that the ‘non-family’ design is much more preferred compared to almost every other one (55% compared to. 45%), such certainly one of men (50% against. 52% for women). Lezhnina signifies that guys ily.

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